The climax of a 2 years long journey


V6A’s frame on the cover page of local newspaper “La Source”


What an honour to represent Italian Cinema in Canada with V6A. After a 2 years long journey filled with purpose, hard work and lots of love, we are approaching the climax of a project that stands for the Downtown Eastside in a discussion that has continued for decades.

The film and a couple of its frames were featured in the December/January copy of La Source Magazine, raising the voice of the project and its message. As an Italian filmmaker in Canada, the opportunity to represent Italian Cinema has filled my lungs with pride, and my stomach with coffee… lots of coffee to organise the world premiere on January 6th: our opportunity to stand for Truth and express the values we believe in.


The premiere will feature phenomenal artistic exhibitions from painter Alex Sandvoss and photography project 2 Paycheques Away, as live music from documentary characters Mike Richter and Wendy Gaspard will colour the venue along with initiatives dedicated to the cause. The 67 minutes screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and special guests, leading the night into the wonderful atrium of the Vancity Theatre with food, art, music and chatter.

Tickets: https://viff.org/Online/fc9960-v6a

More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!

Our job as humans is to not get lost in the sandstorm while in the pursuit of stardust
— Ruggero Romano

Join me in this journey dedicated to all who Love Life, and Live Love.

by Ruggero Romano