From F18 weapons electronics to road-tripping Canada for 5 years… 

Here is Mike’s journey!

Mike had reached a crossroad. A crossroad created by moral friction, that made him question his job as a weapons electronics inspector, and would lead him to explore the cornerless atrium of the inner self through a “soul searching journey” across Canada. 

Mike's logo   : a reminder of our connection to the divine

Mike's logo: a reminder of our connection to the divine

Mike gave himself to what we all subconsciously fear: the Unknown. He challenged himself  to “Trust” the dance of the universe while bouncing from coast to coast for 5 years in a row, enjoying the company of his pure voice and harmonious guitar. Throughout the journey, he experienced a “sense of belonging” balanced by “the unpredictability of life”. A balance that makes the dance worthwhile, and looks back at the power of Music.

In fact, Music has been the constant companion that kept his spirit alive and present throughout the whole journey that took him to postal code V6A, Vancouver.

 “It’s that curiosity... to discover what’s just around the corner, because Life is full of wonderful surprises” Mike explains.


From one voice to many voices...

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Mike now leads the Singalong Choir: a "campfire" lit by voices and music that brings people together every weekend in the classrooms of the Carnegie Community Centre. 

It's incredible how peaceful the choir can become during the busy rainy days in East Vancouver.  The healing harmonies it emanates, create a source of gravity that hits every human at its core. It is all thanks to the melting pot of energy every singer contributes to, in addition to Mike's ability to feel for every beating heart in the room.

Michael talks about gratefulness and compassion when asked about his life, a life saturated by important choices, hope and unconditional trust that he celebrates through music. It’s not only the genuine approach to the craft that makes him so special, but it’s the musicality that Mike brings to Life itself...

More on Mike and The Singalong Choir in the feature documentary V6A! 

“If you but take a moment to enjoy the rightness and authority of your being, you will find that everything has a way of coming into your life so that you can enjoy it” 

-Serge Grandbois


Join me in this journey dedicated to all who Love Life, and Live Love.

by Ruggero Romano

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