“Film a love letter to the Downtown Eastside" by Gordon McIntyre

The Province & The Vancouver Sun

It was a chilly sunny day when I met the charismatic Nick Procaylo in downtown Vancouver before my interview with Gordon McIntyre for The Province & The Vancouver Sun.

It’s after a great photoshoot (Nick is amazing!) that the camera called for a quick alternation of roles. Many of you know how much I love wide angle close ups… so there I was, framing Nick until a mysterious person appeared in the frame trying to take a picture of us (his pictures below).


“Mmmhhh… What does this guy want from us?” I asked myself. It turns out that “that guy” taking those pictures was the journalist: Gordon Mcintyre. What an intro huh?

Gordon made this Q&A flow like a waterfall, asking relevant questions with genuine curiosity and respect. I loved it. You can find the full article below.


“Film a love letter to the downtown eastside”

Not often does an interview include high-fives and hugs goodbye, but that’s Ruggero Romano.
— Gordon McIntyre, The Vancouver Sun & The Province

I was surprised to see how my nose invaded page 6 of the The Province on that Sunday. Big thanks to Gordon McIntyre and Nick Procaylo for this!

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Additional screenings of V6A to be announced soon!

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More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!


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by Ruggero Romano