V6A ON GLOBAL NEWS TV - Interview with Jennifer Palma

Sharp nose on the news!

The nose is sharp… but the live TV set is even sharper!

What about that lighting, huh?

What about that lighting, huh?

I never had the chance to witness the pace, efficiency and precision of Live television sets. That TV set in Burnaby feels like a desert: silent and deadly. So much happening beneath the surface. A perfectly engineered watch ticking with harmonious precision. So beautiful to experience the silent and effective teamwork that made it possible, and makes it happen every day with the viewers not even noticing. I’m very grateful to have stepped into my first TV interview with my documentary film to stand up for a community I deeply feel for.

You can find the full interview here:


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GLOBAL NEWS TV with Jennifer Palma


Big thanks go to Jennifer Palma for making me feel comfortable during the interview, and to the incredible team that made it an easy process.


“From Italy to Hastings Street, with Love”

With warmth and heart, V6A captures the DTES as Vancouver’s growing front in a global class war.
— Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

As of now, we sold out our first 3 screenings, and have opened up for a screening streak on the first week of February with artistic exhibition and Q&A at the Vancity Theatre, see you there!

Tickets here: https://viff.org/Online/fc9960-v6a

More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!


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