V6A ON YVR SCREEN SCENE - Sabrina Furminger

I’m happy. Wanna know why?

Because YVR Screen Scene is exactly what our community needs.

You can check out the full article that YVR Screen Scene dedicated to V6A right here:



Documentary ‘V6A’ amplifies the poetry in vilified postal code

Ruggero Romano’s feature-length documentary is a celebration of the people who live there and the vibrant community they’ve built in spite of it all
— Sabrina Furminger, YVR Screen Scene

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This is exactly what the Vancouver Film Community needs. In 2019, when the film community is colored by films, and events like never before, YVR Screen Scene builds the bridge to discover and celebrate the ever growing Canadian film landscape. Make sure to support on social media and stay up to date with the flow!

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It was a pleasure to talk with Sabrina Furminger about the film, its making and the various stories that made it what it is. It’s exciting to come across a platform that treats filmmaking with such care and enthusiasm: Sabrina wrote an article that speaks for her passion and perception for the craft, and I’m very grateful for her presence through YVR Screen Scene.

As of now we sold out the first 3 screenings of V6A!

More screenings to come in early February at the Vancity Theatre, see you there!

Tickets here: https://viff.org/Online/fc9960-v6a

More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!


Join me in this journey dedicated to all who Love Life, and Live Love.

by Ruggero Romano