V6A, ITS INTENTIONS AND SPIRITUALITY - Marc Caron & Conscious Living Radio

When it simply flows…

This interview with Marc Caron on “Conscious Living Radio” flew like a river during summer!

Marc hit with the right questions at the right time… Check us out as we navigate the world of neuroscience, spirituality and responsability in relation to V6A and all its implications!

You can find the full interview here:



Conscious Living Radio with Marc Caron


Make sure to check out the amazing work of Conscious Living Radio: interesting guests every week on Wednesdays at 6PM on Coop Radio (100.5FM) or streaming online. This is a show that embraces many different domains of life and mixes them up to give birth to engaging and profound conversations. This is the right place to explore if you are looking for a meaningful podcast filled with purpose and laughter!


“From Italy to Hastings Street, with Love”

With warmth and heart, V6A captures the DTES as Vancouver’s growing front in a global class war.
— Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

As of now, we sold out our first 3 screenings, more screenings at the Vancity Theatre opening up very soon!

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More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!


Join me in this journey dedicated to all who Love Life, and Live Love.

by Ruggero Romano