V6A ON CBC RADIO - Boulevard Du Pacifique with Monique Polloni

Quel plaisir!

What a pleasure to join Monique Polloni on CBC Radio “Boulevard du Pacifique”!

As soon as I talked with Monique, I knew this interview was going to be a beautiful opportunity to talk about the film in a fresh and positive environment. This is because of the great energy that Monique brought to the show, making me feel comfortable while diving into my first interview in French!

You can find the full interview here:



CBC RADIO with Monique Polloni


In addition to hosting this great show, Monique also leads a wonderful initiative called “Permesso Avanti” that connects and accompanies tourists into the articulated culture that Italy has to offer: if you plan to go to Italy, you have to check this out, this seems to be the only way to properly visit Italy and get the full human experience out of it!


“From Italy to Hastings Street, with Love”

With warmth and heart, V6A captures the DTES as Vancouver’s growing front in a global class war.
— Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

As of now, we sold out our first 2 screenings before the World Premiere, and now have opened up for a screening on January 27th at the Vancity Theatre, see you there!

Tickets here: https://viff.org/Online/fc9960-v6a

More is to come… stay tuned to never miss a frame of this adventure!


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by Ruggero Romano