Leaders as symbols that forge community


The Native Compass is a documentary series that explores and celebrates the meaning/function of the efficient leadership roles in the First Nations communities across British Columbia.

This is a collection of portraits about successful social interactions, that encapsulate the spiritual values that truly matter and can improve the way we look at collaboration, connection and social growth. 


In a society where efficient leaders and healthy role models lack, it's time to unveil the roots of the communities that achieved successful leadership and social balance for multiple centuries.

The objective of this project is to shine light on the culture that shapes the history and lands of British Columbia, to educate and inspire the future generations of leaders though compelling  and substantial storytelling.


The documentary series format makes the adventure more digestible for any type of audience. Each episode is dedicated to a different tribe in British Columbia, that will take us through the meaning, function, history, dynamics and spiritual layers of the roles of leadership in that specific community.

The content distances from biographical content, and resonates with educational entertaining storytelling that pivots around the leadership roles of the community. Surrounded by 2 well trusted friends and outstanding cinematographers, I feel this is the right time and the right way to give birth to an original powerful series that solidifies the definition of a successful leader.

Map of the First Nations communities in BC


On the side are highlighted 15 communities that embrace diversity on cultural, social, linguistic and geographical domains. We are on our way to narrowing down to the 10 options we aim to portray and that can best fit the series format.

As you are reading, we are nurturing relationships with the major corporations in British Columbia that can support and link us to multiple First Nations tribes: First Nations Financial Management board, Coastal First Nations Alliance, the centre of First Nations governance, the First People's Cultural Council and many others...

In addition to that, it is of great help to have personally experienced crucial historical events in the past 2 years that shaped the growth of First Nations communities. I have had the privilege to establish a strong connection with multiple native leaders (Gordon August "Eagle Eyes", Paul Cheoketen Wagner, Virgil Dawson "Ghost Dancer" and others...) and be invited to attend/document events across British Columbia and Washington (North America).


More about Ruggero here:

More about Ruggero here:


Showrunner/Producer - Director - Cinematographer

Ruggero Romano, native to the European province of Italy, is an enthusiastic storyteller who delves deeply into the art of cinema with vibran interest and effervescent passion, constantly living in the grasp of curiosity. He dedicates himself to authentic stories that embrace the patterns of Humanity, and vies eagerly to encapsulate all its beauties in his documentary films. 

If you ever spot him, he will likely be waving his arms every which way speaking randomized Italian phrases, quite loudly as well.  He likes to be ever so provocative, a word in conversation with him is not only hammered home, but nailed to the front door in great enthusiasm and frivolity. A keen traveler of both the world and the mind who owns an unwavering demeanor. He simply loves Life!          biography by Villiam Chahal

Ruggero has already worked multiple times in deep collaboration with First Nations communities through his documentaries. His most recent work can be found here:

First Nations related content: 1)  2) 

More about Andreas here:

More about Andreas here:


Director - Cinematographer - Sound

Andreas Psaltis is a Vancouver-based cinematographer from Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. His work ranges from commercials to educational content, promotional videos and documentaries. His calling is telling stories that matter through the cinematic arts.

His determination, dedication and warm heart made him a well established personality in the industry, who continuously challenges the boundaries of the craft.

As a scholarship-winning graduate at Vancouver Film School, Andreas is an enthusiastic storyteller who lives to tell the next big story though the power of compelling visual communication.

You can find Andreas' reel here:

More about Carlos here:

More about Carlos here:


Director - Cinematographer - Sound

Carlos Garcia is a Vancouver based Cinematographer. He is devoted to the craft of filmmaking, and dedicated to shape the light within a range of projects: documentaries, short films, music videos and commercials.

Originally from Mexico, Carlos has a sensitive perspective and broad knowledge that allows him to be truthful and passionate about the story. His goal is to keep developing a visual style while sharing powerful images that will inspire and move others.

You can find Carlos' reel here:



The plan consists of a multitude of trips to cover all 10 locations and efficiently distribute the workflow. Each director will be associated to a set of tribes: Ruggero will direct 4 shorts, Andreas will direct 3 shorts and Carlos will direct 3 shorts; each episode being 3 minutes long. We will travel together in an RV to assist each other during the production phases and align a trio that has experience in directing, filming and sound-recording, to successfully fulfil all technical requirements. Together we will achieve a balance that respects constistency in style across the episodes, while guaranteeing diversity throughout the whole series. Our team, open to travels and adventures of all kinds, has already worked seamlessly multiple times in the past years and has crafted a strong sense of collaboration. 

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We are open to any questions, and love chatting face to face!

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