This film to question what gender means in the 21st century, and how its expression can impact humanity in relation to biology, psychology and spirituality.

Video Pitch

Daniel's big dream: perform the dance of a lifetime under the northern lights to celebrate freedom of gender expression.

Daniel is a a 60 years old bisexual dancer with a big dream: dance under the Canadian northern lights to celebrate freedom of expression. A journey awaits, coloured by the majestic lands of Western Canada and saturated by the most intriguing, provocative and authentic character that stands for acceptance in a conflicted world. His special Art Van and our team together form the caravan that encapsulates values we strongly believe in. This story to celebrate diversity, authenticity and freedom of expression, challenging what it is means to be human in the 21st Century.

As the 3000 miles road trip unfolds, we will learn about Daniel's life and motivations, making this a character driven documentary that speaks for the LGBTQ+ Community in Canada and around the world. We will explore the communities and events that color the lands through Daniel's eyes: Daniel underpins the story, as the dance of a lifetime fuels the adventure.




Dandy Dan is a documentary feature film that speaks for the LGBTQ+ community by sharing the journey of Daniel, a 60 years old bisexual dancer, in reaching the Northern Lights to perform a dance under the Aurora Borealis that stands for freedom of gender expression.

The film explores what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community while educating and inspiring the new generations on the highly relevant topic of gender expression. In other words, we are planting the flag of diversity under the emblematic event of the Aurora Borealis. 

The project encapsulates the authenticity, diversity and spiritual values that shaped Daniel's personality, and that can provide insight on the communities that deserve the cultural megaphone we can offer as documentary filmmakers. 


It's time to lift the heavy stone of standardisation to unveil the beauty of diversity.

The objective of this project is to shine light over the authenticity that fuels human beings like Daniel, to educate and inspire the future generations of leaders though compelling and substantial storytelling that stands up for the LGBTQ+ community.


The feature documentary format gives the audience the opportunity to dive deep into the topic and share the dynamics necessary to deliver the message: it’s important to keep the documentary accessible and digestible to people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

The film is structured into 3 major chapters, dedicated to the character, the journey and the dance. The content distances from repetitive biographical content, and resonates with educational entertaining storytelling that pivots around the personality of Daniel. The crew will travel in an RV, to follow Daniel who will travel in his Art Van through British Columbia, Yukon and the Northern Territories, lands famous for their wonderful landscapes and aesthetic values.


We aim to reach the northern lights in Inuvik, and cross the west coast in a journey that explores the outside, just as much as it delves into the personal motivations and emotional dynamics of Daniel.

All the dots are aligned to crystalize the story that can speak out loud for many voices that saturate the 21st Century. 





More about Ruggero here:    www.ruggeroromano.com

More about Ruggero here: www.ruggeroromano.com


Showrunner/Producer - Director - Cinematographer

Native to the European province of Piedmont in Italy, Ruggero Romano is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, where he hosts his film talk show/podcast "Room Tone The Radio Show". After moving to Vancouver in 2016, Ruggero graduated from Vancouver Film School and dedicated himself to authentic stories that embrace the beauty of the human spirit. It's after a multitude of documentaries with the Native community in British Columbia, that Ruggero decided to raise the unheard voices of controversial Downtown Eastside Vancouver and release his debut feature documentary "V6A", with the purpose to inspire locals to think differently about the community that colors one of the most controversial postal codes in North America.

If you ever spot Ruggero, he will likely be waving his arms every which way speaking randomized Italian phrases. Quite loudly as well. He likes to be ever so provocative, a word in conversation with him is not only hammered home, but nailed to the front door in great enthusiasm and frivolity. A keen traveler of both the world and the mind who owns an unwavering demeanor. He simply loves Life!         

 biography by Villiam Chahal

Ruggero has already produced and directed similar documentaries. More about is last feature documentray here: www.v6afilm.com

 His most recent work can be found here: www.ruggeroromano.com/projects



Cinematographer - Sound

Andreas Psaltis is a Vancouver-based cinematographer from Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. His work ranges from commercials to educational content, promotional videos and documentaries. His calling is telling stories that matter through the cinematic arts.

His determination, dedication and warm heart made him a well established personality in the industry, who continuously challenges the boundaries of the craft.

As a scholarship-winning graduate at Vancouver Film School, Andreas is an enthusiastic storyteller who lives to tell the next big story though the power of compelling visual communication.

More about Andreas here: www.andreaspsaltis.com

More about Carlos here:    www.etereofilms.com

More about Carlos here: www.etereofilms.com


Cinematographer - Sound

Carlos Garcia is a Vancouver based Cinematographer. He is devoted to the craft of filmmaking, and dedicated to shape the light within a range of projects: documentaries, short films, music videos and commercials.

Originally from Mexico, Carlos has a sensitive perspective and broad knowledge that allows him to be truthful and passionate about the story. His goal is to keep developing a visual style while sharing powerful images that will inspire and move others.

You can find Carlos' reel here: https://vimeo.com/216575843


Our team, open to adventures of all kinds, has already successfully collaborated multiple times. Together we can meet a balance that respects constistency in style, and guarantees entertaining substastantial storytelling: we love what we do.

We are open to any questions, and love chatting face to face!

Feel free to reach us at rogermengaliro@gmail.com